Table 6. Randomized Controlled Trials to Decrease Deliberate Self-Harm in Young Adolescents Exclusively

Trial (sorted by treatment)Age Range (years)Number (%) of Participants With Deliberate Self Harm During Follow-up
ExperimentalControlOdds Ratio (95% CI)
Home-based Family Therapy v Standard Aftercare
*Harrington et al., 199843 ≤ 164 (14.9)11/75 (14.7)1.02 (0.41–2.51)
Emergency Care v Standard Aftercare
*Cotgrove et al., 199542 12.2–16.73/47 (6.4)7/58 (12.1)0.50 (0.12–2.04)
Group Therapy v Standard Care
Wood et al., 200144 12–162/32 (6)10/31(32)0.16 (0.03–0.71)

Adapted from Hawton et al., 200111

From: 3, Results

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Gaynes BN, West SL, Ford C, et al.

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