Table 5. Additional Randomized Controlled Trials of Interventions to Reduce Deliberate Self-Harm in Adults and Older Adolescents*

Trial (sorted by treatment)Age Range (years)Number (%) of Participants With Deliberate Self Harm During Follow-up
ExperimentalControlOdds Ratio (95% CI)
Interpersonal Psychotherapy v Standard Aftercare
Guthrie et al., 200161 18–655/58 (8.6)17/61 (27.9)no OR given; % difference =19.3%, (8.6%–30.0%, p=0.0009)
Psychoanalytically-oriented Partial Hospitalization v Standard Aftercare
‡ Bateman et al., 1999,55 200156 16–654/22 (18.2)2/19 (63.2)No OR given; Fisher's exact test, P < 0.004 (If include only 19 in Grp 1, then Grp 1 at 18 mos v Control at 18 mos: Mann Whitney P < 0.001)
Emergency Care v Standard Aftercare
Evans M et al., 199964 “adults”70/417 (16.8)59/410 (14.4)1.20 (0.82–1.75)
Brief Contact By Letter v Standard Aftercare
Motto and Bostrom, 200165 Mean age, 34.415/389 (3.9)21/454 (4.6)NS
Outpatient Day Hospitalization v Usual Care
Rudd et al., 199662 Mean age, 22 (SD=2.3 yrs)Multiple measures of suicidal ideation and behavior (including Modified Scale for Suicidal Ideation, and the Suicide Probability Scale) analyzed. No difference between experimental and control groups
Antidepressants v Placebo
Montgomery et al., 199463 NR18/54 (33.3)18/53 (34.0)NS
Fluphenazine (Antipsychotic) v Placebo
Battaglia et al., 199966 18–65Change in rate of serious self-harm behaviors per mo. over 6 mo. = -0.16Change in Rate of serious self-harm behaviors per mo. over 6 mo. = -0.06Mann-Whitney test, P = 0.1459
Dialectic Behavioral Therapy v Usual Care
‡ Koons et al., 200157 21–461/10 (10)2/10 (20)NS
Follow-up Letter and General Guidelines v Standard Care
Bennewith et al, 200258 16–95211/964 (21.9)189/968 (19.5)1.17 (0.94–1.47)

Not in Hawton Review11

Primary care treatment setting; all other studies conducted in specialty care settings

Inclusion criteria required diagnosis of borderline personality disorder; all others required DSH

NR= not reported

From: 3, Results

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Gaynes BN, West SL, Ford C, et al.

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