Table 6Nonrandomized uncontrolled studies of lung cancer screening

Study YearStudy PopulationInterventionNumber Malignancies (%)Percent ResectableSurvival
Philadelphia Neoplasm Research Project 195147, 48 6,136 men ages 45+Photofluorograms and questionnaires every 6 months for 10 yearsPrevalence: 84 (1.37)358% 5-year
Incidence: 121
Tokyo Metropolitan Government Study 195350 1,871,374 men and women, all agesIntermittent chest x-ray over 26 years (sputum cytology in some)193 (0.01)5644% 5 years for resectable tumors (usual 5-year survival at that time 20%)
Veterans Administration Trial 195849 141,607 men; median age 62.8Chest x-ray and sputum cytology73 (0.052)3617% 32 months
South London Cancer Study 195951 67,400 men age 45+Chest x-ray every 6 months234 (.35)5618% 4-year (usual survival at that time 9%)

From: 4, Results

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