Table 5Nonrandomized controlled studies of lung cancer screening

Study References Years of StudyStudy PopulationInterventionNumber Malignancies (%)Percent Resectable5-Year SurvivalAnnual Mortality Rate/1000 Screened
Erfurt County Germany58 Conducted 1972-1977 Intervention: All males in 4 districts Intervention: Chest x-ray offered every 6 months Intervention: 374 (47% screen detected) Intervention: 28% Intervention: 14% Intervention: 0.6
aged 40–65 Control: Chest x-ray offered every 12–24 months Control: 667 (27% screen detected) Control: 19% Control: 8% Control: 0.8
n=41,532Not statistically significant
Control: All males in 10 districts
aged 40–65

From: 4, Results

Cover of Lung Cancer Screening
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