Table 12Studies Awaiting Assessment and Ongoing Studies

Study IdentificationTrial Name/TitleParticipantsInterventionsOutcomes: Study DatesContact InformationNotes
Studies Awaiting Assessment
Higgins-Biddle & BaborCutting Back Program5 managed care organizations: 4 Staff models; 1 IPASystems-oriented approach to brief alcohol assessment and intervention in primary care—testing interventions by physicians or specialists (health educators, nurses) compared with usual care.3 month and 12 monthJohn Higgins-Biddle, Ph.D.This study is in the data analysis phase and results may be available sometime after the summer of 2002 for consideration for this review. It is not clear whether the study meets criteria.
U. of Connecticut15 primary care practices.change in drinks per week860-679-1590Results cannot be published prior to the outcome study's acceptance for publication.
Department of Community Medicine50,000 pts screened
Farmington CT5000 patients identified as at risk drinkers.
Saitz, and Intervention in Primary Care (SIP)Resident and faculty phsycians (n=41) in an academic medical centerSystems-oriented approach by providing the physicians with alcohol screening results & individualized recommendations at time of visit.Proportion receiving discussions about alcohol use during the index visitRichard Saitz, M.D., M.P.H.This study has been submitted for publication. The author has shared a prepublication copy of the manuscript and it meets inclusion/exclusion and quality criteria.
Boston University4,143 pts screenedChange in patient drinks/drinking day and other alcohol measures at 6 months617-414-7399We may include it once the author received notice of acceptance.
School of Medicine and Public Health14% identified at risk
Boston MA312 subjects enrolled (55%)
Ongoing Studies (There are no ongoing studies at this time that we are aware of)

From: 3, Results

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