Evidence Table 12b. Adverse Effects of Dementia Therapy: Cholinesterase Inhibitors -- Studies

AuthorInterventionResult Comments
Burns et al.,199999 DonepezilD/O to AELow: 9%10%NR---Fair
Low dose: 5 mg/dayHigh: 18%
High dose: 10 mg/day
Greenberg et al., 2000100 Donepezil 5 mg/dayD/O to AE # pt3 patients1 pt---Fair
Mohs et al., 200195 Donepezil 10 mg/dayD/O AE %11%7%NR---Fair
Winblad et al, 200193 Donepezil 10 mg/dayD/O to AE %7%6.3%NR---Good
Raskind et al., 200097 GalantamineD/O to AE%Low: 23%8%NR---Fair
Low dose: 24 mg/dayHigh: 32%
High dose: 32 mg/day
Tariot et al., 200098 GalantamineD/O to AE %Low: 7%7%NR---Fair
Low dose: 16 mg/dayHigh: 10%
High dose: 24 mg/day
Wilcock et al., 200096 GalantamineD/O to AE%Low: 14%9%NR---Fair
Low dose: 24 mg/dayHigh: 22%
High dose: 32 mg/day
Rosler et al., 1999101 Rivastigmine 6–12 mg/dayD/O 2 AE %27%7%NR---Fair
McKeith et al., 2000102 Rivastigmine 6–12 mg/dayD/O 2 AE %12%11%NR---Fair

From: Appendix B. Evidence Tables

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