Evidence Table 8. Studies of the Treatment of Vascular Dementia

AuthorNIntervention OutcomesResults Quality and Comments
DrugDosePeriodScaleTreatmentPlaceboP value/ NNT
Williams et al., 2000117 70Aspirin325 mg/day1 yearCognitiveCCSE (WMD)-4.1(95% CI, -9.51 to +1.307)Good
(Systematic review)Authors conclude that the evidence to support the use of aspirin in vascular dementia is weak
Pantoni et al., 2000104 251Nimodipine90 mg/day6 monthsGlobalCGC--------NSFair (not all outcomes were considered & unclear outcome measures)
Cognitive (ZVT-G|, FOM, WF, DS, MMSE)ZVT-G (time in second)3.0213.67 P = 0.09Dementia type: Vascular dementia
Physical function (ADL, IADL, RDS, GBS, CDR)Multiple cognitive tests--------NS (P range .14–.95)
Multiple physical function tests--------NS (P range .14–.95)

From: Appendix B. Evidence Tables

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Screening for Dementia [Internet].
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Boustani M, Peterson B, Harris R, et al.

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