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Institute of Medicine (US) Forum on Drug Discovery, Development, and Translation. Addressing the Barriers to Pediatric Drug Development: Workshop Summary. Washington (DC): National Academies Press (US); 2008.

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Addressing the Barriers to Pediatric Drug Development: Workshop Summary.

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Forum on Drug Discovery, Development, and Translation

Gail H. Cassell (Co-Chair, 1/1/2005–12/31/2008), Eli Lilly and Company

Jeffrey M. Drazen (Co-Chair, 7/1/2008–12/31/2008; Member, 1/1/2005–6/30/2008), New England Journal of Medicine

Edward W. Holmes (Co-Chair, 1/1/2005–6/30/2008; Member, 7/1/2008–12/31/2008), National University of Singapore

Barbara M. Alving (4/10/2008–12/31/2009), National Center for Research Resources

Naomi Aronson (1/9/2007–12/31/2008), Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association

Hal Barron (8/1/2008–12/31/2008), Genentech, Inc.

Leslie Z. Benet (1/1/2005–12/31/2008), University of California, San Francisco

Nina Bhardwaj (1/1/2005–9/7/2006), New York University School of Medicine

Catherine Bonuccelli (1/9/2007–12/31/2008), AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals

Linda Brady (1/9/2007–12/31/2008), National Institute of Mental Health

Robert M. Califf (1/1/2005–12/31/2008), Duke University Medical Center

Scott Campbell (1/1/2005–12/31/2008), American Diabetes Association

C. Thomas Caskey (1/1/2005–12/31/2008), The University of Texas-Houston Health Science Center

Francis D. Chesley, Jr. (1/9/2007–10/25/2007), Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality

Mark Clanton (1/1/2005–12/31/2006), National Cancer Institute

Peter Corr (1/9/2007–12/31/2008), Celtic Therapeutics

James H. Doroshow (7/19/2007–12/31/2008), National Cancer Institute

William E. Evans (1/1/2005–12/31/2006), St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital

Joseph M. Feczko (1/9/2007–12/31/2008), Pfizer, Inc.

Wayne Fenton [Deceased] (1/1/2005–9/3/2006), National Institute of Mental Health

Garret A. FitzGerald (1/1/2005–12/31/2008), University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine

Elaine K. Gallin (1/1/2005–12/31/2008), The Doris Duke Charitable Foundation

Steven K. Galson (1/9/2007–12/31/2008), Office of the Surgeon General

Alan M. Garber (1/1/2005–12/31/2007), Stanford University

Robert L. Garnick (11/16/2007–2/28/2008), Genentech, Inc.

Mikhail Gishizky (1/1/2005–12/31/2008), Entelos, Inc.

Stephen Groft (1/1/2005–12/31/2008), National Institutes of Health

Carole A. Heilman (1/1/2005–3/13/2006), National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases

Peter K. Honig (7/19/2007–12/31/2008), Merck & Co., Inc.

Dale Hu (1/1/2005–12/31/2005), Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Richard A. Justman (7/19/2007–12/31/2008), United HealthGroup

Michael Katz (1/1/2005–12/31/2008), March of Dimes Foundation

William F. Keane (1/1/2005–7/3/2007), Merck & Co., Inc.

Chaitan Khosla (1/1/2005–12/31/2006), Stanford University

Antonia Kolokathis (1/1/2005–12/31/2005), Pfizer, Inc.

Allan M. Korn (1/1/2005–12/31/2006), Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association

David Korn (1/1/2005–12/31/2008), Association of American Medical Colleges

Ronald L. Krall (1/9/2007–12/31/2008), GlaxoSmithKline

Jeffrey M. Leiden (1/1/2005–12/31/2007), Clarus Ventures

John M. Leonard (1/9/2007–7/5/2007), Abbott Laboratories

Nancy Loving (1/1/2005–6/7/2006), National Coalition for Women with Heart Disease

John R. Marler (1/1/2005–12/31/2008), National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke

Musa Mayer (1/1/2005–12/31/2008),

Mark B. McClellan (4/2/2007–12/31/2008), The Brookings Institution

Garry A. Neil (1/1/2005–3/19/2007), Johnson & Johnson

Joshua J. Ofman (1/1/2005–12/31/2008), Amgen, Inc.

Suzanne R. Pattee (1/1/2005–12/31/2008), Cystic Fibrosis Foundation

Cecil B. Pickett (1/1/2005–12/31/2006), Schering-Plough Research Institute

Joanne L. Rhoads (1/9/2007–12/31/2008), National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases [Retired]

Todd Rich (3/2/2008–12/31/2008), Genentech, Inc.

Brian Schuster (1/1/2005–12/31/2006), U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs

B. A. Schwetz (1/1/2005–9/30/2007), U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Janet Shoemaker (1/1/2005–12/31/2008), American Society for Microbiology

Lana Skirboll (1/9/2007–12/31/2008), National Institutes of Health

Nancy S. Sung (1/1/2005–12/31/2008), Burroughs Wellcome Fund

James R. Swartz (1/1/2005–12/31/2005), Stanford University

Jorge A. Tavel (7/19/2007–12/31/2008), National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases

Reed V. Tuckson (1/1/2005–7/3/2007), UnitedHealth Group

Sean Tunis (1/1/2005–12/31/2006), Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services

Janet Woodcock (1/1/2005–12/31/2008), U.S. Food and Drug Administration

IOM Stafff

Robert B. Giffin (Director, 7/13/2006–present)

Alexander K. Ommaya (Director, 1/1/2005–7/7/2006)

Adrienne Stith Butler (Senior Program Officer, 12/1/2006–5/31/2007)

Sally Robinson (Program Officer, 12/18/2006–present)

Heather Begg (Program Associate, 1/1/2005–7/7/2006)

Andrea Knutsen (Senior Program Assistant, 10/3/2005–present)

Jennifer Rainey (Research Assistant, 1/1/2005–7/7/2006)

Copyright © 2008, National Academy of Sciences.
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