BOX S-1 Improving Survey Designs

The committee recommends that researchers implement the following additions and modifications to the surveys on dietary supplement use in order to improve their value:

  • Frame appropriate questions, with unambiguous terminology (e.g., clarify terms such as antioxidant) and attending to the order of the questions.
  • Design questions that expressly define a dietary supplement user (e.g., an individual consuming a dietary supplement at least once a week).
  • Complement exposure data on dietary supplement ingredients with data from questions on consumption from other dietary sources (e.g., foods and beverages).
  • Include questions that allow the analysis of associations of dietary supplement use with health and performance outcomes, whether adverse or beneficial.
  • Collect data on various demographic characteristics.
  • Collect data on the environment and conditions under which respondents use supplements (e.g., special operations).
  • Include questions about sources of information used by military service members to determine the most effective methods of dissemination of information.

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Cover of Use of Dietary Supplements by Military Personnel
Use of Dietary Supplements by Military Personnel.
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