Table 73.1Variants of the Babinski Sign

Chaddock (1911)The skin under and around the lateral malleolus is stroked in a circular fashion. The stimulus may also be carried forward from the heel to the small toe.
Bing (1915)The dorsum of the big toe is pricked with a pin. The big toe withdraws into the pin when abnormal, as opposed to being flexed away from the stimulus when normal. This sign and the Chaddock sign are perhaps the most reliable after the Babinski sign.
Oppenheim (1902)The thumb and index finger apply heavy pressure to the anterior surface of the tibia, stroking down to the ankle.
Gordon (1904)Compressing the calf muscles, or applying deep pressure to them.
Schaefer (1899)Pinching the Achilles tendon enough to cause pain.

From: Chapter 73, The Plantar Reflex

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