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First Aid Training May Improve First Aid Skills

Report from Norwegian Knowledge Centre for the Health Services (NOKC) No. 29-2015

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November 2015

Each year approximately half a million people in Norway suffer injury caused by accidents, violence or self inflicted injury and about 3,000 experience out of hospital cardiac arrest. Surveys have indicated that many Norwegians have limited first aid skills. The Norwegian Ministry of Health and Care Services have commissioned an overview of the effect of first aid training.

Evidence from five systematic reviews about first aid training for lay people shows that first aid training may have a positive effect on first aid skills.

Several of the systematic reviews found that the effect declines over time.

One of the systematic reviews referenced three studies showing that the majority of the people who had provided first aid described it as a positive experience. None of the systematic reviews included studies about survival and functional ability in persons who had received first aid.

The quality of the documentation is low or very low, which means that the results must be interpreted with caution. This does not mean that there is no effect; it means that it we are unsure about whether or not there is an effect.

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