Table 22Costs of treatment for uterine fibroids

StudyTreatmentNType of CostCost and Cost DenominationSetting
Beinfeld et al., 2004173UAE Hysterectomy58Hospital costs and physician fees$8,223Massachusetts General Hospital
U.S.$ (1999)
Baker et al., 2002172UAE Myomectomy23Hospital costs plus professional costs plus average imaging costs$6,708Georgetown University Hospital
U.S.$ (2000)
Subramanian et al., 2001140Hysteroscopic myomectomyInpatient: 49Facility plus professional costsInpatient: $7,704Marketscan database: inpatient and outpatient insurance claims
Outpatient: 764Outpatient: $4,291
U.S.$ (1997)
Laparoscopic myomectomyInpatient: 24Inpatient: $8,018
Outpatient: 323 Outpatient: $7,357
Abdominal myomectomyInpatient: 1,400Inpatient: $8,860
Outpatient: NAOutpatient: NA

NA, not applicable; UAE, uterine artery embolization; U.S., United States

From: 3, Results

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