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Submitting Variations and Variation Data to dbSNP

Created: ; Last Update: June 15, 2010.

This section contains FAQs that provide information about what you can submit to dbSNP and how to submit it. There are FAQs that will tell you the kinds of data dbSNP will accept for submission, show you where the excel submission template is located, how to fill it out, and how to send it in. There are FAQs that provide information on how to format submitted data — from sequence formatting and allele formatting, to formatting data obtained in silico. There are FAQs that will show you how to submit data for existing SNPs, or how to submit data in a Batch, as well as FAQs that explain how submission are processed and how refSNP (rs) and submitted SNP (ss) numbers are assigned. There are even FAQs that will describe what to do if you find an error in data you previously submitted, or what happens if you should decide to withdraw a SNP from the database.

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