Table 38Methodological quality of RCTs on the physiological and neuropsychological effects of meditation practices

Quality componentsN studies (%)
Randomization167 (100)
Double blinding4 (2.4)
Appropriate randomization24 (14.3)
Appropriate double blinding0 (0)
Description withdrawals86 (51.5)
Total Jadad score (max 5); Median (IQR)2 (1,2)
Number of high quality RCTs (Jadad scores ≥3)22 (13.1)
Appropriate concealment of allocation8 (4.8)
Funding reported76 (45.5)

IQR = interquartile range; RCT = randomized controlled trial

From: 3, Results

Cover of Meditation Practices for Health
Meditation Practices for Health: State of the Research.
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Ospina MB, Bond K, Karkhaneh M, et al.

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