Table 16Summary of studies in patients with CAD no surgery: NT-proBNP

Reportn Age**DiagnosisMethod Cut point (pg/mL)OutcomeResult
Heeschen86 2004n: 1,791Chest painNT-proBNP(9)246 pg/mLMortality or myocardial infarctionaOR = 2.68
Germany, NZMean age: 59.9–64.1 y
James97 2004n: 1,381Angina, ST-depressionNT-proBNP(9)<237, 237–669, 670–1869, >1869 pg/mLMortalityaORs: 3rd, 4th quartiles were SS (graphic depiction)
Europe, USAAge: 65 y
Jarai20 2005n: 120Angina, myocardial ischemiaNT-proBNP(8 )2,791 pg/mLCardiovascular mortalityaOR = 4.8
AustriaAge: 63 y
Jernberg22 2003n: 2,019Myocardial ischemiaNT-proBNP(9)535 pg/mL (men)MortalityaRR = 3.76
SwedenAge range: 40–84 y672 pg/mL (women)
Latini87 2004n: 724Persistent ST-segment elevationNT-proBNP(9)0–818 pg/mLAll-cause mortalityaORs = 1.0, 2.3, 3.0
ItalyAge: 31.9 y819–2012 pg/mL
> 2012 pg/mL
Palmer81 2003n: 978Cardiac ischemiaNT-proBNP(6 )186 pg/mLMortalityaHR = 1.01
New ZealandAge: 62.1 y
Richards84 1998n: 156Acute myocardial infarctionNT-proBNP(6)254 pg/mLAll-cause mortalityaORs = 5.9 (254 pg/mL); 19.7 (1032 pg/mL)
New ZealandAge: 64 y1,032 pg/mL
Schnabel85 2005n: 904Acute coronary syndromeNT-proBNP(9)<160.8, 160.8–538.1, 538.2–1356.0, >1356.0 pg/mLCardiovascular eventsaORs = 0.64– 1.2
GermanyAge range: 60.7– 62 y
Ueland98 2004n: 249Left ventricular dysfunction, heart failureNT-proBNP(7)10,537 pg/mLAll-cause mortalityuRR = 2.1
U.KAge range: 63– 72 y

Abbreviations: aHR=adjusted hazards ratio, aOR=adjusted odds ratio, aRR=adjusted risk ratio, CAD=coronary artery disease, SS = statistically significant, NZ = New Zealand, uOR=unadjusted odds ratio, uRR=unadjusted risk ratio, y=years.


Mean age if given in report

Number in bracket refers to row number in Table 1 or Table 2 describing method used to measure B-type natriuretic peptide.

From: 3, Results

Cover of Testing for BNP and NT-proBNP in the Diagnosis and Prognosis of Heart Failure
Testing for BNP and NT-proBNP in the Diagnosis and Prognosis of Heart Failure.
Evidence Reports/Technology Assessments, No. 142.
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