1:30 pmThe IOM Process to Establish Tolerable Upper Intake Levels: Model and Data Needs
Robert Russell, Tufts University
2:00 pmPotential Connections Between Establishing Nutrient Requirements and Tolerable Upper Intake Levels
Suzanne Murphy, University of Hawaii
2:30 pmNutrient Risk Assessment: Lessons Learned from the FAO/WHO Technical Workshop
Christine Taylor, Institute of Medicine
3:00 pmBREAK
3:30 pmImplications of Using Conservative Assumptions in Nutritional Risk Assessments
Barbara Petersen, Exponent
4:00 pmCommentary
Sanford Miller, University of Maryland
4:10 pmOpen Discussion
5:00 pmAdjourn

From: A, Workshop Agenda

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Nutritional Risk Assessment: Perspectives, Methods, and Data Challenges, Workshop Summary.
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