Summary Table 1: RCT evidence of omega-3 fatty acids to improve respiratory outcomes in asthma

Author, Year, LocationOmega-3 Fatty Acid Arm/PhaseComparator Arm/Phase# of S Unique Results Favoring Omega-3 Fatty AcidsJadad Total Quality / Allocation Concealment (Internal Validity)Applicability (External Validity)
nType & Dose/DaynType & Dose/Day
Arm, 1988, England56, 57 NR3.2 g EPA + 2.2 g DHANROlive oil (NR)1/94 (Grade: A)/unclearIII
Emelyanov, 2002, Russia69 23200 mg EPA+DHA + 400 mg olive oil23600 mg olive oil4/75 (Grade: A)/ unclearIII
Kirsch, 1988, USA54, 55 64.0 g EPA ethyl ester (trace DHA)60.1 g EPA ethyl ester (trace DHA)0/63 (Grade: B)/unclearI
McDonald, 1991, Australia58*152.7 g EPA + 1.8 g DHA1515 g olive oil0/43 (Grade: B)/unclearIII
Okamoto, 2000a, Japan66 710–20 g perilla seed oil (ALA: NR)710–20 g corn oil4/42 (Grade: C)/unclearIII
Stenius-Aarniala, 1989, Finland68*3620 mL fish oil (EPA+DHA: NR)36(1) 20 mL olive oil0/22 (Grade: C)/unclearIII
(2) 20 mL evening primrose oil
Thien, 1993, England67 NR3.2 g EPA + 2.2 g DHANROlive oil (NR)0/64 (Grade: A)/unclearIII
Hodge, 1998, Australia52 NR0.72 g EPA 0.48 g DHA + ALA (NR) via canola dietNROmega-6 fatty acids: 1.8 g safflower oil + 1.8 g palm oil + 0.4 g olive oil + sunflower diet (NR)0/33 (Grade: B)/unclearIII
Nagakura, 2000, Japan64 1517.0–26.8 mg/kg EPA; 7.3–11.5 mg/kg DHA (300 mg fish oil)15300 mg olive oil2/24 (Grade: A)/unclearIII
Dry, 1991, France65 NR1.0 g EPA+DHANR“Placebo” (NR)1/12 (Grade: C)/unclearX

n = number of enrolled participants; NR = not reported; S = significant;


Crossover trial

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Cover of Health Effects of Omega-3 Fatty Acids on Asthma
Health Effects of Omega-3 Fatty Acids on Asthma.
Evidence Reports/Technology Assessments, No. 91.
Schachter HM, Reisman J, Tran K, et al.

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