Evidence Table 40

All outcomes in studies addressing the impact of CHI applications on economic outcomes (KQ1e)

Author, yearOutcomeControl InterventionnMeasure at BLMeasure at final time point, define
Joseph, 20071Cost of program deliveryControl152No baseline measure of cost12 months: no cost estimate for control group
Treatment16212 months: cost of referral coordinator, $6.66/per treatment student
Cancer: breast cervical prostate and laryngeal cancer
Jones, 19992Cost of the computer information system—Manual extraction of Patient dataControl: books alone162No baseline measure of cost
General computer information143
Tailored computer information1629x the cost of a general information system
Cost of the computer information system—use of electronic patient recordControl: books alone162
General computer information143
Tailored computer information162No difference in cost between general and tailored systems
Materials costControl: books alone162£7/patient
General computer information143£2.8/patient
Tailored computer information162NS
McConnon, 20073Total costsControl110No baseline costs reported£276.12
Website (internet group)111£992.40*
Incremental cost-effectivenessControl110NS
Website (internet group)111£39,248/QALY

Difference in cost is due to the cost of developing the website; when this fixed cost was removes; total costs were lower in the intervention group (actual results not presented).

BL = baseline, NS = not specified, QALY = quality-adjusted life year, $ = United States Dollars

Reference List


Joseph CL, Peterson E, Havstad S et al. A web-based, tailored asthma management program for urban African-American high school students. Am J Respir Crit Care Med 2007; 175(9):888–95.


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