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Operations Manual for Delivery of HIV Prevention, Care and Treatment at Primary Health Centres in High-Prevalence, Resource-Constrained Settings: Edition 1 for Fieldtesting and Country Adaptation. Geneva: World Health Organization; 2008.

Cover of Operations Manual for Delivery of HIV Prevention, Care and Treatment at Primary Health Centres in High-Prevalence, Resource-Constrained Settings

Operations Manual for Delivery of HIV Prevention, Care and Treatment at Primary Health Centres in High-Prevalence, Resource-Constrained Settings: Edition 1 for Fieldtesting and Country Adaptation.

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Process of developing the operations manual for delivery of HIV prevention, care and treatment at primary health centres in high-prevalence and resource-constrained settings

This Operations Manual was developed as part of a WHO-PEPFAR collaboration on health centre scale up. Its development involved experienced experts from many implementing partners, WHO and MOH staff active in implementing HIV and related primary health care services as well as other NGOs and FBOs, PLHIV activist groups, bilateral and multilateral agencies.

The process of developing this Operations Manual covers the period of 2007-2008. Each chapter is written by panel writers with a support from iterative expert panels. Electronic review of drafts and several expert meetings were organized to review the recommendations and reach consensus, and to summarize their technical basis and possible country adaptations (these will appear in the IMAI country adaptation guide).

The expert groups assembled all current references and source materials on a share point site. Individual experts contributed their implementation experience and all relevant source material for each chapter. Each chapter was shared with the expert group and all panelists for review. Review comments were assembled in a matrix, discussed when necessary from a technical point of view, then incorporated.

Who was involved and their declaration of interests

The following experts were involved in the development of the Operations Manual. Their contributions are acknowledged. None of the experts declared any conflict of interest.

Organizing Committee of WHO-PEPFAR Scale Up Collaboration: Tedd Ellerbrock, Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) Global AIDS Program; Robert Ferris, USAID; Sandy Gove and Jos Perriens, WHO.

Contributing writers (with technical input from many panellists)

Chapter 1-Introduction and guiding principles
Mary Lou Lindegren, Sandy Gove, Miriam Taegtmeyer
Chapter 2-Planning for integrated HIV services at the health centre
Sandy Gove, KJ Seung, Eyerusalem K, Negussie (paediatrics), Barb Marston (adult)
Chapter 3-Service integration, linkages and Triage
Steve Lee, KJ Seung, Sandy Gove
Chapter 4-Community
Ana Bodipo-Memba, Kevin Moody, Kirsty McHarry
Chapter 5-Infrastructure
Miriam Rabkin, KJ Seung, Sandy Gove, Yves Chartier
Chapter 6- Monitoring HIV Services, patients and programmes
Tisha Mitsunaga, Renee Fiorentino, Laura Porter, Sisay Sirgu
Chapter 7-Supply management
Peter Graaff, Kenji Tamura, Heidi Mihm, Paul J, Weidle
Chapter 8-Laboratory services
Tom Spira, Vincent Habiyambere
Chapter 9-Human resources
KJ Seung, Estelle Quain, David Lowrance, Alexandra Zuber, Eileen Petit-Mshana
Chapter 10-Leadership and management
Gundo Weiler, Lou McCallum
Chapter 11-Quality improvement
Bruce Agins, KJ Seung, Jim Heiby
Overall editing:
Sandy Gove, Kirsty McHarry, Mary Lou Lindegren, Sandra Woods

Contributing experts panels for the Operations Manual

Panel CHAIRS are indicated in capitals

Adult HIV care and treatmentHuman resources and community mobilization expert panel
Anthony AmorosoAIDS ReliefAna Bodipo-MembaUSAID
Yibeltal AssefaMinistry of Health, EthiopiaDavid LowranceCDC
Carmen CasonovaWHO NUTKevin MoodyGNP+
Bruce DickWHO CAHRuth Maginoh OlwitMinistry of Health, Uganda
Julia DowningAfrican Palliative Care Association, UgandaEileen PETIT-MSHANAWHO HIV
Wafaa El-SadrICAP, Columbia UniversityEstelle QuainUSAID
Richard MarlinkEGPAFKJ SEUNGHarvard Brigham & Women's Hospital
Kirsty McHarryWHO HIV
Johanna NcalaTreatment Action Campaign
Lennah NyabiageMinistry of Health, Kenya
Tim QuickUSAID
David StantonUSAID
Patient monitoringPaediatric HIV care and treatment
Abdikamal Alisalad**WHO AFROSiobhan CrowleyWHO HIV
Andrew BoulléUniversity of Western CapeBob FerrisUSAID
Kevin BellisHLSPRobert Gass**UNICEF
Batya ElulICAP, Columbia UniversitySanjiv LewinAIDS Relief
Christian GunnebergWHO/STBEyerusalem K, NEGUSSIEWHO HIV
Lisa Hirschhorn**JSI/HarvardMolly RivadineiraCDC GAP
Tisha MITSUNAGAMEASURE Evaluation/JSIDiana Silimperi**MSH
Sara Pacqué-MargolisEGPAFDenis TindyebwaEGPAF, Tanzania
Laura PorterCDC GAPNathan TumwesigyeANNECA
KJ Seung**Harvard Brigham & Women's Hospital
Diana Silimperi **MSH
Kristen Stafford**AIDS Relief
Andrea SwatzendruberCDC GAP
Paul BoueyOGAC
Fatu FormaCDC GAP
Reuben GranichWHO HIV
**Panellists also on the quality expert panel
Carmela AbateAIDS ReliefBob ColebundersInstitute of Tropical Medicine, Antwerp
Dominique EggerWHO HSS/HDSJoyelle DominiqueAIDS Relief
Robin FlamICAP Columbia University, New YorkSandy GoveWHO HIV
Sandy GoveWHO HIVVincent HabiyambereWHO HIV
Reuben GranichWHO HIVPatrick IkaniFHI, Nigeria
Donna HigginsWHO HIVJohn RidderhofCDC
Steve LeeEGPAFAnita SandsWHO EHT
Barb MarstonCDC GAPLeland SchullerEGPAF
Kevin MoodyGNP+Amilcar TanuriICAP Columbia University
KJ SeungHarvard Brigham & Women's HospitalGaby VercauterenWHO EHT
Miriam TaegtmeyerCDC GAPKarin WeyerWHO STB
Mathew ChersichInternational Centre for Reproductive Health, KenyaPam BachanasCDC GAP
Halima DAOCDC GAPRejoice NkambuleMOH Swaziland
Rene EkpiniUNICEFInnocent NtaganiraWHO AFRO
Peggy HendersonWHO CAHVladimir PoznyakWHO MSD
Viviana MangiaterraWHO MPS
Razia PendseWHO MPS
Nathan ShafferCDC GAP
Tin Tin SintWHO HIV
Elizabeth StringerCIDRZ, Zambia
Fatima TsiourisICAP Columbia University
Cathy WilfertEGPAF
QualitySupply Chain Management
Bruce AGINSHIVQUALJames BatukaCatholic Relief Services
Margaret PalumboHIVQUALYasmin ChandaniJSI
Clemons SteinbeckHIVQUALKaren DayMSF
Rick BerzonUSAIDPeter GRAAFFWHO HIV, Afghanistan
Robin FlamICAP, ColumbiaDavid HoosICAP, Columbia University
Yujiro HandaJICA, KenyaMike HopeUSAID
La Mar HasbrouckCDC GAPBianca KampsUNICEF
Jim HeibyUSAIDThomas Lapnet-MoustaphaWHO AFRO
Dennis IsraelskiPangaea Global AIDS Foundation, SFHeidi MihmUSAID
Babajide KeshinroFHI/GHAIN, NigeriaAtieno OjooUNICEF
Wuleta LemmaTulane University, EthiopiaEva OmbakaEPN
Rashad MasoudURC-CHSRich OwensPartnership for Supply Chain Management
Binod MahantyMEASURE Evaluation/JSIFernando PascualMSF
Jose MoralesHRSARose ShijaWHO Tanzania
Nilu RimalUS Department of DefenseKenji TAMURAWHO HIV
Sue WillardEGPAFHelena WalkowiakManagement Sciences for Health
Kristen STAFFORDAIDS ReliefPaul J. WeidleCDC
Lee YerkesEGPAF, Drug Procurement and Logistics
**additional panellists on patient monitoring and paediatric expert panel
InfrastructureLeadership, Administration and Fiscal Management
Patrick BalcazarEngineers without Borders, Puerto RicoDela DovloWHO HSS/HDS
Miriam RabkinICAP Columbia UniversityDominique EggerWHO HSS/HDS
KJ SeungHarvard Brigham & Women's HospitalPaul MahannaUSAID
Chartier YvesWHO PHILou McCallumAIDS Projects Management Group
Deus B MubangiziAIDS Relief
Tshi NeluheniEGPAF, RSA
Gundo WeilerWHO Ukraine
Isaac ZuluCDC Zambia
TB/HIVTesting and Counselling
Anand DATECDC GAPKadidiatou GouroWHO AFRO
Haileyesus GetahunWHO STBElizabeth MARUMCDC GAP
Amy GinsburgEGPAFBuhle NcubeWHO AFRO
Bess MILLERCDC GAPGloria SangiwaFHI Arlington, VA
Alwyn MwingaCDC ZambiaAllison SchilskyCDC GAP
Rose PrayWHO STBDaphne SpencerBritish Columbia Center For Disease Control
Papa Salif SowInfectious Diseases Fann Hospital, SenegalAlison SurdoUSAID
KJ SeungHarvard Brigham & Women's HospitalMiriam TaegtmeyerLiverpool School of Tropical Medicine
Rhoda WanyenzeMulago-Mbarara Teaching Hospitals' Joint AIDS Programme/Makerere University Faculty of Medicine
Marco VitoriaWHO HIV
Mukadi Ya DiulFHI Arlington, VA

The HIV/AIDS Department at WHO, plans to review the need to update this Manual in December 2009 after field-testing and closely monitored adaptation and early use by countries and partners.

Graphics: L'IV Com Sàrl, Le Mont-sur-Lausanne, Switzerland

Logo drawings: Claudio Afonso

Credits for specific chapters

Chapter 5Infrastructure: John Snow, Inc./DELIVER in collaboration with the World Health Organization. Guidelines for the storage of essential medicines and other health commodities. 2003. Arlington, Virginia, USA Dr Rod Escombe, Imperial College London; Blackwood Solar Systems.
USAID.: ohn Snow, Inc./DELIVER, for the USAID.
Cecile Arnaud, consultant, WSH-WHO
Chapter 7Supply Management: WHO, Handbook of supply management at fi rst-level health care facilities released - 1st version country adaptation. 2006, Geneva.
John Snow, Inc. /DELIVER in collaboration with the World Health Organization. Guidelines for the storage of essential medicines and other health commodities. 2003. Arlington, Virginia, USA
Va.: John Snow, Inc./DELIVER, for the US Agency for International Development.
Chapter 8Laboratory: AFB smear staining poster - a joint effort by WHO, RIT, IUATLD, CDC,
How to do the rapid test for malaria - a joint effort of TDR, WHO, USAID, Quality Assurance Project.
CDC editor Amy S Elkavich CDC illustrators - Alissa Eckert, Don Freggens, Dan Higgins, James Archer
Technical support during consultation and production: Tonia Poteat, CDC and Biya Berhanu, Etsehiwot, WHO
Management support to panels: Louise Perry, CDC
Copyright © World Health Organization 2008.

All rights reserved. Publications of the World Health Organization can be obtained from WHO Press, World Health Organization, 20 Avenue Appia, 1211 Geneva 27, Switzerland (tel.: +41 22 791 3264; fax: +41 22 791 4857; e-mail: tni.ohw@sredrokoob). Requests for permission to reproduce or translate WHO publications – whether for sale or for noncommercial distribution – should be addressed to WHO Press, at the above address (fax: +41 22 791 4806; e-mail: tni.ohw@snoissimrep).

Bookshelf ID: NBK310906


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