Box 2.32Embryology of the pancreas

Image ch2fb32.jpg

Schematic drawings of the development of the human pancreas at 6 weeks Image dclccA.jpg and Image dclccB.jpg and 8 weeks Image dclccC.jpg and Image dclccD.jpg gestation. Growth and rotation of the duodenum (indicated by arrows in Image dclccA.jpg and Image dclccB.jpg cause movement of the ventral pancreatic bud towards the dorsal bud and their eventual fusion Image dclccD.jpg . Union of the distal part of the dorsal pancreatic duct and the entire ventral pancreatic duct forms the main pancreatic duct. The proximal part of the dorsal pancreatic duct usually disappears but it may persist as an accessory duct Image dclccD.jpg . Dotted lines indicate the level of the corresponding diagrammatic transverse sections shown on the right.

From: Chapter 2, The endocrine pancreas

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