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Table 1The composition of human semen (adapted from Ganong (17))

ColourWhite, opalescent
Specific Gravity1.028

Gland/SiteVolume in ejaculateFeatures
Testis/Epididymis0.15ml (5%)Average approximately spermatozoa 80 million/ml
Seminal Vesicle1.5-2ml (50-65%)Fructose (1.5-6.5 mg/ml) phosphorylcholine ergothioneine, ascorbic acid, flavins prostaglandins, bicarbonate
Prostate0.6-0.9ml (20-30%)prostate, spermine, citric acid, cholesterol,phospholipids,Fibrinolysin, fibrinogenase, zinc acid, phosphatease, prostate-specific
Bulbourethral Glands< 0.15ml (<5%)Clear mucus

From: Benign Prostate Disorders

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