Table 1

Strategies for non-biased lineage study

Tubulin-LacZ, heat shock FLPXFast, zero background (60C); requires cycling cellHarrison and Perrimon (1993)1A
Background at other sites
Negative Clone, heat shock FLPXClones can homozygose a mutationDang and Perrimon (1992)1C
MARCM, heat shock FLPXVery slow to activate
Clones can mis-express a gene or homozygose a mutationLee and Luo (2001)1D
PMML, heat shock FLPXClones can mis-express a geneKirilly et al. (2005)
Dual Clone, heat shock FLPXDual labelNystul and Spradling (2007)
Can recognize un-induced cells
Low background
Flip-out, heat shock FLPXBackground in some tissuesStruhl and Basler (1993)
Can mis-express a transgene
Cre-Lox, heat shockXFew drivers; cre toxicity?Heidmann and Lehner (2001); Siegal and Hartl (1996)
Cre-Lox, adenovirusXRequires injection at various sitesMerkle et al. (2007)
Does not rely on tissue specific promoter

From: Lineage analysis of stem cells

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