Figure 1. The Cononical miRNA biogenesis pathway.

Figure 1

The Cononical miRNA biogenesis pathway. pri-miRNAs are transcribed primarily as RNA pol II transcripts. The pri-miRNAs are processed co-transcriptionally by the Microprocessor (Drosha/Dgcr8). Following Microprocessor cleavage, Exportin-5 transports the pre-miRNA hairpin into the cytoplasm. There, the pre-miRNA is cleaved by Dicer, resulting in a miRNA/miRNA* complex. With the help of TRBP, the mature miRNA is loaded into the Argonaute subunit of the silencing complex. This complex then goes onto silence target mRNAs post-transcriptionally by translational inhibition and/or transcript destablization. Adapted from Babiarz et al., 2008.

From: Small RNAs – their biogenesis, regulation and function in embryonic stem cells

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