Box 7.1MR scan of Clinical Case 7.1

Image ch7fb1a.jpg
Image ch7fb1b.jpg

Coronal scans

Image ch7fb1c.jpg
Image ch7fb1d.jpg

Sagittal scans

Coronal and sagittal scans of Clinical Case 7.1 are shown with normal scans for comparison. For clarity, anatomical features have been marked on the normal scans.

The large craniopharyngioma causing a bitemporal hemianopia and hypopituitarism is clearly shown (arrowed).

Note that on the coronal scan of the patient in Clinical Case 7.1 the fat within the sphenoid sinus shows up as a bright (‘high signal intensity’) area that draws the eye but is a normal finding.

These images are available on the website.

From: Chapter 7, The pituitary gland

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