Table 30.1. Randomized Controlled Trials of Geriatric Evaluation and Management Units*

StudyStudy SettingStudy DesignAll-Cause Mortality and Other Outcomes**
Stuck, 1993 13 6 studies (published 1983-1991) in the US, UK, Australia, and Canada, involving 1090 patients (meta-analysis of Refs. 14-19)Level 1A6-month mortality: summary odds ratio 0.65 (95% CI: 0.46-0.91);
12-month mortality: summary odds ratio 0.77 (95% CI: 0.56-1.06)
Applegate, 1990 14 155 patients in a university-affiliated community hospital, 1985-1987Level 16-month mortality: 10% vs. 21% (p=NS); After 6 months: greatest difference p=0.08 by log-rank test;
Improvement in ADLs: 3 of 8 ADLs better in intervention group (p<0.05)
Counsell, 2000 20 1531 patients in a community hospital, 1994-1997Level 1Inpatient mortality: 3% vs. 4% (p=0.30); Length of stay: no significant difference; Long-term placement or decline in ADLs
At discharge: 34% vs. 40% (p=0.027);
At 12 months: percentages not reported (p=0.022)
Gilchrist, 1998 15 222 women on an orthopedic-geriatric service in the UK, 1984-1986Level 1Inpatient mortality: 4% vs. 10% (p=0.06);
6-month mortality: 14% vs. 18% (p>0.1)
Harris, 1991 16 267 patients in an Australian hospital, 1985-1986Level 1Inpatient mortality: estimated from Figure 1 in paper, 8% vs. 6% (p=NS);
12-month mortality: 23% vs. 29% (p=NS)
Landefeld, 1995 5 651 patients in a university-affiliated hospital, 1990-1992Level 1Inpatient mortality: 7% in both groups (p=NS);
3-month mortality: 14% vs. 13% (p=NS); Improvement in ADLs at discharge: 34% vs. 24% (p=0.009);
Discharged to nursing home: 14% vs. 22% (p=0.01)
Powell, 1990 19 203 patients in two Canadian teaching hospitals, year not statedLevel 1Mortality: lower in intervention group; timing not stated (p not stated);
Transferred to long-term care: fewer in intervention group (p not stated)
Rubenstein, 1984 17 123 patients in a VA hospital, 1980-1982Level 1Inpatient mortality: 14.3% vs. 15.0% (p=NS);
12-month mortality: 23.8% vs. 48.3% (p<0.005)
12-month improvement in basic functional status: 48.4% vs. 25.4% (p<0.01)
12-month improvement in mental status: 35.6% vs. 22.4% (p=NS)
Teasdale, 1983 18 124 patients in a VA hospital, 1981-1982Level 3Inpatient mortality: 12% vs. 14% (p=NS);
6-month mortality: 28% vs. 35% (p=NS)

*ADL indicates activities of daily living; NS, not statistically significant.

**Comparisons are reported as intervention group vs. control group.

From: 30, Geriatric Evaluation and Management Units for Hospitalized Patients

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