Figure 19-12. Focal adhesions.

Figure 19-12Focal adhesions

(A) In these immunofluorescence micrographs, cells in culture have been labeled with antibodies against both actin (green) and the intracellular anchor protein vinculin (red). Note that vinculin is located at focal adhesions, which is also where bundles of actin filaments terminate at the plasma membrane. (B) Some of the proteins that form focal adhesions. The transmembrane adhesion protein is an integrin heterodimer, composed of an α and a β subunit. Its extracellular domains bind to components of the extracellular matrix, while the cytoplasmic tail of the β subunit binds indirectly to actin filaments via several intracellular anchor proteins. (A, from B. Geiger, E. Schmid, and W. Franke, Differentiation 23:189–205, 1983.)

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