Measurement Instruments

SourceMeasurement InstrumentConceptsNumber of Items & Response Style
Shortell 1991172ICU Nurse-Physician Questionnaire; 48 items selected from the Organizational Culture Inventory (OCI)Organizational culture, leadership, communication, coordination, problem-solving48 items; 1–5 point Likert scale
Roberts 1974173Organizational CommunicationCommunication35 items; 7–10 point Likert scale
Choi 2004174Perceived Nursing Work Environment (PNWE)Nursing management, nursing process, RN/MD collaboration, nursing competence, scheduling climate42 items; 4 point Likert scale
Weiss 1985175Collaborative Practice ScalesRN/MD interaction and influence on patient care9 items RN & 10 items MD; 6 point Likert scale
Aiken 2000176Nursing Work Index-Revised (NWI-R)Autonomy, RN/MD relationships, control of practice57 items; 4 point Likert scale
Temkin-Greener 2004177PACE team performance questionnaireInterdisciplinary team performance59 items; 5 point Likert scale
Baggs 1994178Collaboration and Satisfaction About Care Decisions (CSACD)RN/MD collaboration14 items; 7 point Likert scale
Dougherty 2005179A review of instruments measuring RN/MD collaborationRN/MD collaborationCollaborative Practice Scale, Collaboration and Satisfaction About Care Decisions, ICU Nurse-Physician Questionnaire, Nurses Opinion Questionnaire, and the Jefferson Scale of Attitudes Toward Physician-Nurse Collaboration

From: Chapter 32, Professional Communication

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