Clinical Case 4.1

A 52-year-old lady had been attending another hospital for some years with diabetes mellitus and systemic hypertension. She was a non-smoker but enjoyed a sherry in the evenings. There was no family history of diabetes mellitus or hypertension and she had never been pregnant, though the causes of this primary infertility had not been investigated. She had asthma and eczema and had been referred because of concern that she was becoming cushingoid (Box 4.3) as a result of her steroid treatment for these conditions.

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Box 4.3

Photographs of Clinical Cases 4.1 and 4.2. Clinical photographs of Clinical Case 4.1 Family album pictures of Clinical Case 4.2 taken approximately 2 years apart in front of the same ivy-covered wall.

From: Chapter 4, The adrenal gland

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