FIGURE 8.2. Voltammograms for dopamine (DA) and 5-HT.


Voltammograms for dopamine (DA) and 5-HT. (a) Fast-scan cyclic voltammetry voltage waveform, 800 V/s scan rate, applied against an Ag/AgCl reference electrode. Scan switched out of circuit between scans. (b) DA voltammogram indicates oxidation and reduction peak potentials at + 530 and − 180 mV, respectively, vs. Ag/AgCl (dashed lines) for this electrode. Calibration factor was 6 nA/μM for DA in aCSF at 32°C. (c) 5-HT voltammogram indicates an oxidation peak potential similar to that for DA ( + 530 mV), but subsequent reduction generates two peaks ( ~ 0 and − 560 mV vs. Ag/AgCl, represented by dotted lines) giving 5-HT a distinctly different voltammogram from that of DA. Calibration factor was 14 nA/μM for 5-HT. (Figure adapted from Rice, M. E., Cragg, S. J., and Greenfield, S. A., J. Neurophysiol., 77, 853, 1997. With permission.)

From: Chapter 8, Using Fast-Scan Cyclic Voltammetry to Investigate Somatodendritic Dopamine Release

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