FIGURE 19.6. (a) Photograph of a microelectrode immersed in the calibration chamber.


(a) Photograph of a microelectrode immersed in the calibration chamber. The calibration solution is maintained at 37°C with a heated waterbath. (b) Calibration of a Nafion coated L-glutamate (Glu) self-referencing microelectrode. During calibration, solutions are added to determine each recording site’s sensitivity to Glu, selectivity for Glu over AA, and responsiveness to other electroactive molecules (e.g. DA and H2 O2). The enzyme coated Glu recording site responds well to Glu and some electroactive molecules. The enzyme-free sentinel sites does not respond to Glu but shows similar responses to the same electroactive molecules. Final concentrations of each addition: 250 μM AA, 20, 40, and 60 μM Glu, 2 μM DA, and 8.8 μM H2 O2. (c) Calibration of an mPD coated Glu self-referencing microelectrode. All calibration concentration are the same. Note how mPD excludes the DA response on both the L-glutamate oxidase and sentinel recording sites.

From: Chapter 19, Second-by-Second Measures of L-Glutamate and Other Neurotransmitters Using Enzyme-Based Microelectrode Arrays

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