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National Research Council (US) Institute for Laboratory Animal Research. The Development of Science-based Guidelines for Laboratory Animal Care: Proceedings of the November 2003 International Workshop. Washington (DC): National Academies Press (US); 2004.

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The Development of Science-based Guidelines for Laboratory Animal Care: Proceedings of the November 2003 International Workshop.

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A:International Workshop on Development of Science-based Guidelines for Laboratory Animal Care


8:00-8:30 amRegistration and Breakfast— West Lobby Sessions in Salon ABG
8:30-8:45 amWelcome and IntroductionPeter A. Ward Hilton J. Klein
8:45-9:30 amPlenary Lecture— Genes, Environments, and Mouse BehaviorJohn C. Crabbe
Session 1Current Status— Identifying the IssuesCoenraad F.M. Hendricksen (Chair)
9:30-10:00 amAAALAC International PerspectiveJohn G. Miller
10:00-10:30 amThe Council of EuropeWim deLeeuw
10:30-10:45 amBREAK
10:45-11:15 amThe Role of the International Council for Laboratory Animal Science at the International LevelGilles Demers
11:15 amProcess for Change—
12:15 pmRegulatory/Oversight Comparisons
US—The PHS Policy on Humane Care and Use of Laboratory AnimalsNelson L. Garnett
Rulemaking by APHIS Europe—Process for Change— Regulatory/Oversight Comparisons—EuropeChester A. Gipson Jonathan Richmond
Japan—Japanese Regulations on Animal Experiments—Current Status and PerspectivesNaoka Kagiyama
Canada—Process for Change— Regulatory/Oversight in CanadaClément Gauthier
12:15-12:30 pmBuilding Credible Science from Quality, Animal-Based InformationPaul Gilman
12:30-1:30 pmLUNCH—Faculty Club
Session 2Assessment of Animal Housing Needs in the Research Setting— Peer-reviewed Literature ApproachJohn G. Vandenbergh (Chair)
1:30-3:30 pmIntroduction: John Vandenbergh Speakers: Frederick S. vom Saal: Phenotype in Mice: Effects of Chemicals in Cages, Water and Feed Graham Moore: Assessment of Animal Housing Needs in the Research Setting—Dogs/Cats Melinda Novak: Housing for Captive Nonhuman Primates: The Balancing Act Markus Stauffacher: How to Identify the Laboratory Rabbits' Needs, and How to Meet Them in the Research Setting
3:30-3:45 pmBREAK
3:45-5:00 pmDiscussion
8:00-8:30Breakfast—West Lobby
Session 3Approaches to Current Guidelines—US and Europe— Salon ABGRandall J. Nelson (Chair)
8:30-9:45 amThe “Guide” Process: Approaches to Setting StandardsWilliam J. White
The Revision of Appendix A of the European Convention for the Protection of Vertebrate Animals Used for Experiments and Other Scientific Purposes: The Participants, The Process and the OutcomeDerek Forbes
10:00-11:30 amBreakout Groups (Chairs)—
Mice/rats       (Axel Kornerup-Hansen)       (Rosemary Elliot—R)Salon ABG
Dogs/cats       (Robert Hubrecht)       (Thomas Wolfle—R)Salon D
Nonhuman primates       (David Whittaker)       (Randall J. Nelson—R)Salon E
Rabbits       (Vera Baumans)       (Jennifer Obernier—R) (R = Rapporteur)Exec. Conf. Rm.
11:45 am12:30 pmReports from Breakout SessionsSalons ABG
12:30-1:30 pmLUNCH—Faculty Club
Session 4Environmental Control for Animal Housing Salon ABGWilliam Morton (Chair)
1:30-2:30 pmRationale for current guidelines and basis for proposed changesBernard Blazewicz Dan Frasier
European Guidelines for Environmental Control in Laboratory Animal FacilitiesHarry Blom
2:45-4:15 pmBreakout Groups (Chairs)—
Lighting (Harry K. Blom) (Michael J. M. Stoskopf—R)Exec. Conf. Rm.
Noise/vibration impacts (Sherri Motzel) (Hilton J. Klein—R)Salon D
Metabolism/immunology impact (Jann Hau and Randall J. Nelson) (Stephen W. Barthold—R)Salon ABG
Engineering issues/security concerns (Bernard Blazewicz and Dan Frasier) (Janet Gonder—R) (R = Rapporteur)Salon E
4:30-5:15 pmReports from Breakout SessionsSalons ABG
5:30-9:00 pmRECEPTION—South Gallery BANQUET—Salon AG
Speaker A View from the Field: What the Lives of Wild Animals Can Teach Us About Care of Laboratory AnimalsKay E. Holekamp
Session 5Environmental Enrichment Issues Salon ABGEmilie Rissman (Chair)
8:00-9:30 amThe Science of Environment Enrichment for Laboratory AnimalsWilliam T. Greenough
Search for Optimal EnrichmentTimo Nevalainen
9:45-11:30 amBreakout Groups (Chairs)—
Mice/rats and rabbits (John Vandenbergh and Vera Baumans) (Jennifer Obernier and Stephen Barthold—R)Salon ABG
Dogs/cats (Graham Moore) (Janet Gonder—R)Salon D
Nonhuman primates (Carolyn Crockett) (Randall J. Nelson—R) (R = Rapporteur)Salon E
11:30 am12:15 pmReports from Breakout SessionsSalon ABG
12:30-1:30 pmLUNCH—Faculty Club
1:30-3:00 pmPoint/Counterpoint—The Cases For and Against Harmonization to Balance the Needs for Conducting Research and Meeting Animal Welfare Concerns— Salon ABG Chair: William S. StokesParticipants: Michael D. Kastello, Gilles Demers, Jonathan Richmond, John G. Miller, Nelson Garnett, Wim deLeeuw, Derek Forbes, Clément Gauthier, John C. Crabbe, Naoko Kagiyama
3:00 pmWorkshop adjournment
Copyright © 2004, National Academy of Sciences.
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