Clinical Case 8.3

A 46-year-old woman presented to the Emergency Room complaining of shortness of breath. There was no evidence for asthma or heart failure but her electrocardiogram was abnormal with evidence of pulmonary hypertension. She was a non-smoker and took no regular medication. There was no family history of serious illness. Echocardiography confirmed the pulmonary hypertension. Her hemoglobin was noted to be markedly elevated at 24 g/d (NR 11.5–14.5 g/d) with a hematocrit of 0.60 (NR 0.37–0.47). Analysis of arterial blood gas showed that she was not hypoxic. Chest X-ray showed a prominent pulmonary artery compatible with pulmonary hypertension (Box 8.9). CT scan of the lungs (see website) confirmed pulmonary emboli.

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Box 8.9

Radiology of Clinical Case 8.3. Chest X-ray MR scan of abdomen

From: Chapter 8, Cardiovascular and renal endocrinology

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