Table 2Reports of mixed infections of adenovirus and bacteria in gastroenteritis populations

Other pathogen(s)Gastroenteritis populationNo. (%)positivePopulation typePopulation locationReference
EPEC4161 (0.2)ChildrenSweden94
ETEC622 (3.2)ChildrenMexico31
801 (1.2)ChildrenMexico33
1301 (0.8)Children and adultsSingapore54
Shigella3,7851 (0.03)ChildrenAustralia2
Salmonella3,78510 (0.26)ChildrenAustralia2
C. jejuni4162 (0.5)ChildrenSweden94
3,7852 (0.05)ChildrenAustralia2

From: Chapter 15, Mixed Infections of Intestinal Viruses and Bacteria in Humans

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