TABLE 3-1Origins and Intended Purposes of Recent Center Programs

OriginsIntended Purpose
ProgramProposed by Outside Group(s)Mandated by CongressPriorNIH Initiative(s)InterdisciplinaryTranslationalTrainingShared Resources
Rare Disease Clinical Research Network (U19)XXXXX
Excellence in Partnerships for Community Outreach, Research on Disparities in Health and Training (Project EXPORT) (P60/P20/R24)XXXX
Comprehensive Centers on Health Disparities (U54)XX
Transdisciplinary Prevention Research Centers (P50/P20)XXXX
Centers of Excellence in Chemical Methodologies and Library Development (P50)XXX
Centers of Excellence for Research on Complementary and Alternative Medicine (P01/U19/R21)XXXXX
Research Core Centers for Advanced Neuroinformatics Research (P30)XXXXXX
Breast Cancer and the Environment Research Centers (U01)XXXX
Muscular Dystrophy Cooperative Research Centers (U54/R21)XXXXXXX
Exploratory Center Grants for Human Embryonic Stem Cell Research (P20)XXXX
Regional Centers of Excellence for Biodefense and Emerging Infections (U54/U56)XXXXX
Cooperative Centers for Translational Research on Human Immunology and Biodefense (U19/R21)XXXXX
Network for Translational Research: Optical Imaging (U54)XXXXX
Centers of Excellence in Complex Biomedical Systems Research (P50)XXXXX
Autoimmunity Centers of Excellence (U19)XXXXXX
Cooperative Reproductive Science Research Centers at Minority Institutions (U54)XXXXX
Centers for Population Health and Health Disparities (P50)XXXX
Centers of Excellence in Cancer Communications Research (P50)XXXXX
Autism Research Centers for Excellence (U54/R21)XXXXXX
Institutional Core Grants to Support Neuroscience Research (P30)XX
Fragile X Research Centers (P30)XXXX

NOTE: External idea means that centers were recommended by an external advisory body or other outside group. Prior initiatives are earlier PAs, RFAs, or Requests for Proposals (RFPs) inviting applications for research project grants, program project grants, or other noncenter research mechanisms to address a problem or condition.

SOURCE: Lists of RFAs and PAs by year and week in online NIH Guide for Grants and Contracts. Available at The table includes all center programs with the first or second RFA or PA published between January 1, 2002, and February 27, 2003.

From: 3, Initiation and Management of Center Programs

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