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National Research Council (US) Committee to Update Science, Medicine, and Animals. Science, Medicine, and Animals. Washington (DC): National Academies Press (US); 2004.

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Science, Medicine, and Animals.

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Biomedical research has changed a great deal during the past 50 years, as have public attitudes toward the use of animals in science. While polls confirm that the public continues to support biomedical research using animals, the same polls also reveal that continued public support is dependent on high standards of animal care. The American people want confirmation that scientists, veterinarians, and other members of the laboratory team are taking seriously their obligation to provide the best possible care for laboratory animals. Moreover, it is increasingly evident that the better the care provided to laboratory animals, the more certain investigators can be that pain or distress will not affect research data. This principle leads to more accurate research. High standards of animal care are not solely a concern of animal welfare advocates. They are a primary concern of all research scientists, veterinarians, and other members of the laboratory team.

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