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Coeytaux RR, McDuffie J, Goode A, et al. Evidence Map of Yoga for High-Impact Conditions Affecting Veterans [Internet]. Washington (DC): Department of Veterans Affairs (US); 2014 Aug.

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Evidence Map of Yoga for High-Impact Conditions Affecting Veterans [Internet].

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APPENDIX KPrimary Studies Included in Systematic Reviews of Yoga for Depressive Disorders

Primary StudyBalasubraminiam, 20131Cabral, 20112da Silva, 20093Cramer, 20134
 Broota, 19905--XX
 Butler, 20086-XXX
*Field, 20127---X
 Field, 20128---X
 Janakiramaiah, 20009-XXX
 Khumar, 199310--XX
*Krishnamurthy,  200711X-X-
 Lavretsky, 201312---X
 Rohini, 200013--XX
 Shahidi, 201114X--X
 Sharma, 200515--XX
 Veale, 199216---X
*Vedamurthachar,  200617XX--
 Woolery, 200418--XX
Nonrandomized studies
 Gangadhar, 200019--X-
 Janakiramaiah, 199820--X-
 Kozasa, 200821-X--
 Lavey, 200522--X-
 Michalsen, 200523-XX-
 Miller, 200524--X-
 Naga Venkatesha Murthy, 199725--X-
 Naga Venkatesha Murthy, 199826--X-
 Oretzky, 200727--X-
 Shapiro, 200728--X-
 Vedamurthachar, 200617XX--

Did not require depression for study entry but measured and reported depression severity.

Abbreviation: RCTs=randomized controlled trials

References to Appendix K

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