BOX 1-4The Federal Role in Comparative Perspective

“Small technology firms with 500 or less employees now employ 54.8 percent of all scientists and engineers in US industrial R&D. However, these nearly 6 million scientists and engineers are able to obtain only 4.3 percent of extramural government R&D dollars. In contrast, large and medium firms with more than 500 employees combined employ only 45.2 percent but receive 50.3 percent of government R&D funds. Universities receive 35.3 percent, non-profit research institutions 10.0 percent, and states and foreign countries 1.0 percent. Of the 4.3 percent that goes to small firms 2.5 percent is from SBIR and the related Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) program. Together they receive less than 10 percent of the funding that large firms receive.”a

Roland Tibbetts, “SBIR Renewal and U.S. Economic Security”b


National Science Board, Science and Engineering Indicators 2006, Arlington, VA: National Science Foundation, 2006. Figures are for 2005.


From: 1, Introduction

Cover of An Assessment of the SBIR Program
An Assessment of the SBIR Program.
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Washington (DC): National Academies Press (US); 2008.
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