Chemical name:GadoversetamideImage Gadoversetamide.jpg
Abbreviated name:Gd-DTPA-BMEA
Synonym:OptiMARK®, [8,11-bis(carboxymethyl)-14-[2-[(2-methoxyethyl)amno]-2-oxoethyl]-6-oxo-2-oxa-5,8,11,14-tetraazahexadecan-16-oato(3-)] gadolinium
Target:Nontargeted, central nervous system, liver
Mechanism:BBB breakage, liver pathologies with abnormal vascularity
Method of detection:Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)
Source of contrast/signal:Gadolinium (Gd)
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Structure of Gadoversetamide

From: Gadoversetamide: Gd-DTPA-BMEA

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