Table 4.1Probabilities of Dying between Ages 15 and 60 (45q15) in Sub-Saharan Africa

WHO region and countryMaleFemaleWHO region and countryMaleFemale
Southern AfricaWestern Africa
 Angola0.4920.386 Algeria0.1550.119
 Botswana0.7030.669 Benin0.3840.328
 Lesotho0.6670.630 Burkina Faso0.5590.507
 Malawi0.7010.653 Cape Verde0.2100.121
 Mozambique0.6740.612 Côte d'Ivoire0.5530.494
 Namibia0.6950.661 Gambia, The0.3730.320
 South Africa0.5670.502 Ghana0.3790.326
 Swaziland0.6270.587 Guinea0.4320.366
 Zambia0.7250.687 Guinea-Bissau0.4950.427
 Zimbabwe0.6500.612 Liberia0.4480.385
Eastern Africa Mali0.5180.446
 Burundi0.6480.603 Mauritania0.3570.302
 Eritrea0.4930.441 Niger0.4730.408
 Ethiopia0.5940.535 Nigeria0.4430.393
 Kenya0.5780.529 Senegal0.3550.303
 Rwanda0.6670.599 Sierra Leone0.5870.531
 Tanzania0.5690.520 Togo0.4600.406
 Uganda0.6170.567Indian Ocean
Central Africa Comoros0.3810.325
 Cameroon0.4880.559 Madagascar0.3850.322
 Central African Republic0.6200.573 Mauritius0.2280.109
 Chad0.4490.361 Seychelles0.2680.122
 Congo, Dem. Rep. Of0.5710.493
 Congo, Rep. Of0.4750.406
 Equatorial Guinea0.3390.280
 São Tomé and Principe0.2690.226

Source: Authors' calculations; data from Lopez et al. 2002.

From: Chapter 4, Levels and Trends of Adult Mortality

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