BOX 2-3 Examples of Wildlife Disease Outbreaks

  • Canine distemper in black-footed ferrets and plague in their prairie dog prey base.
  • Chytridiomycosis, a newly discovered fungal diseases that led to widespread decline in amphibians.
  • A series of coral diseases in subtropical waters.
  • Canine and phocine distemper in marine mammals.
  • West Nile virus linked to increased mortality in greater sage grouse.
  • Whirling disease affecting native salmonid fish.
  • Mycoplasmal conjunctivitis resulting in loss of one-third of the eastern population of house finches.
  • Avian malaria and avian pox that continue to threaten Hawaii's endemic avian fauna.
  • Canine parvovirus linked to declines in the gray wolf.
  • Duck virus enteritis and duck cholera in various U.S. sites.
  • Protozoal encephalitis in sea otters on the West Coast.

From: 2, Progress and Opportunities in Veterinary Research

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