Table 1Results of major randomised prospective trials of resistance testing

Study [Reference]Design (number of patients in each arm)Major outcomes
Viradapt [4]Genotype vs SOC (n=65/43)Better response in viral load at 6 months in genotype arm
GART [3]Genotype + EA vs SOC (n=78/75)Greater reduction in viral load at weeks 4–8 in genotype + EA; EA was only followed by physician in 52% of patients
ARGENTA [2]Genotype vs SOC (n=85/89)Benefit of genotype at 12 weeks but not at 6 months (related to adherence)
Havana [1]Genotype (n=78) vs EA vs genotype (n=83) + EA vs SOC (n=84)Both genotype and EA were associated at week 24 with better virological response
VIRA3001 [6]Phenotype1 vs SOC (n=144/130)No difference at week 16 between arms in intent-to-treat analysis; significant benefit of phenotype in a secondary on-treatment analysis
CCTG 575 [5]Phenotype2 vs SOC (n=119/119)No significant differences between the groups at 6 or 12 months; in a secondary analysis, benefit of the phenotype in patients with high PI baseline resistance
Narval [9]Genotype or phenotype3 vs SOC (n=190/192/159)No difference between arms at 12 weeks in the primary analysis; significant benefit of genotypic testing in the less-experienced patients in secondary analysis and multivariate analysis
CERT [7]Genotype vs phenotype vs SOC (n=151/152/147)No differences in time to virological failure; benefit of phenotypic and genotypic testing in the most experienced patients
RealVirFen [10]Phenotype1 vs virtual phenotype1 (n=139/137)No differences in virological response (<400 copies/ml) at 24 weeks; benefit of the virtual phenotypic test in multivariate analysis
ERA [8]Genotype vs phenotype1 and genotype (n=152/159)No differences in reduction in virological response at 12 months

Antivirogram assay from Tibotec-Virco; 2PhenoSense assay from Monogram Biosciences (formerly Virologic Inc.); 3Phenoscript assay from VIRalliance; EA, expert advice; SOC, standard of care.

From: Chapter 9, Benefits of resistance testing

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