FIGURE 3-2. PTSD treatment pathways available in DoD.

FIGURE 3-2PTSD treatment pathways available in DoD

Dotted line between primary care and general mental health denotes that many service branches are moving to the PCMH model in which mental health practitioners are embedded in primary care teams. On-base providers may recommend that some service members seek counseling from Military OneSource and MFLC counseling for co-occuring conditions such as relationship problems, although a referral is not required to seek that counseling. Service members who seek care from private practitioners who are not part of the TRICARE network do not need a referral from an on-base provider.

a Treatment for active-duty service members in VA facilities is rare, but it is an option in some locations.

From: 3, PTSD Programs and Services in the Department of Defense and the Department of Veterans Affairs

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