Table 30.3Fuel sources for muscle contraction

Fuel sourceMaximal rate of ATP production (mmol/s)Total ~P available (mmol)
Muscle ATP223
Creatine phosphate73.3446
Conversion of muscle glycogen into lactate39.16,700
Conversion of muscle glycogen into CO216.784,000
Conversion of liver glycogen into CO26.219,000
Conversion of adipose-tissue fatty acids into CO26.74,000,000

Note: Fuels stored are estimated for a 70-kg person having a muscle mass of 28 kg.

Source: After E. Hultman and R. C. Harris. In Principles of Exercise Biochemistry, J. R. Poortmans (Ed.). (Karger, 1988), pp. 78–119.

From: Section 30.4, Fuel Choice During Exercise Is Determined by Intensity and Duration of Activity

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