Cover of Saving Women's Lives

Saving Women's Lives

Strategies for Improving Breast Cancer Detection and Diagnosis

Editors: Janet E Joy, Edward E Penhoet, and Diana B Petitti. .

Washington (DC): National Academies Press (US); .
ISBN-10: 0-309-09213-2
Copyright © 2005, National Academy of Sciences.


A series of reports on breast cancer have been produced by, or under the aegis of, the IOM and NRC's National Cancer Policy Board. These reports include Mammography and Beyond: Developing Technologies for the Early Detection of Breast Cancer (2001), Meeting Psychosocial Needs of Women with Breast Cancer (2004), and Improving Mammography Quality Standards (in progress, 2004). As part of that series, this report explores ways of improving early detection and diagnosis of breast cancer in women through developing better technologies and advancing their introduction and application, and educating women and other interested stakeholders about mammography and other detection modalities. The ultimate objective of this and all the other studies is better care and better outcomes for women with breast cancer and their families.