Figure 7.26. The yeast two-hybrid system.

Figure 7.26The yeast two-hybrid system

(A) On the left, a gene for a human protein has been ligated to the gene for the DNA-binding domain of a yeast activator. After transformation of yeast, this construct specifies a fusion protein, part human protein and part yeast activator. On the right, various human DNA fragments have been ligated to the gene for the activation domain of the activator: these constructs specify a variety of fusion proteins. (B) The two sets of constructs are mixed and cotransformed into yeast. A colony in which the reporter gene is expressed contains fusion proteins whose human segments interact, thereby bringing the DNA-binding and activation domains into proximity and stimulating the RNA polymerase. See Section 9.3.2 for more information on activators.

From: Chapter 7, Understanding a Genome Sequence

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