Table A1Journals that publish review articles relevant to genome research

Review journals
Annual Review of BiochemistryYearly3
Annual Review of GeneticsYearly3
Annual Review of Genomics  and Human GeneticsYearly3
Current BiologyTwice monthly2
Current Opinion in Cell BiologyBimonthly2
Current Opinion in Genetics  and DevelopmentBimonthly2
Current Opinion in Structural  BiologyBimonthly2
New ScientistWeekly1
Scientific AmericanMonthly1
Trends in Biochemical SciencesMonthly2
Trends in BiotechnologyMonthly2
Trends in GeneticsMonthly2
Research journals containing some review articles
Nature BiotechnologyMonthly2
Nature GeneticsMonthly2
Nature Structural BiologyMonthly2

Level 1 journals are aimed at a general readership and their articles are less detailed than the text of Genomes; the review articles in level 2 journals are roughly equivalent to Genomes; level 3 journals are more advanced.

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