Figure 2.25. The use of microsatellite analysis in genetic profiling.

Figure 2.25The use of microsatellite analysis in genetic profiling

In this example, microsatellites located on the short arm of chromosome 6 have been amplified by the polymerase chain reaction (PCR; Section 4.3). The PCR products are labeled with a blue or green fluorescent marker and run in a polyacrylamide gel (see Technical Note 6.1), each lane showing the genetic profile of a different individual. No two individuals have the same genetic profile because each person has a different set of microsatellite length variants, the variants giving rise to bands of different sizes after PCR. The red bands are DNA size markers. Image supplied courtesy of PE Biosystems, Warrington, UK, and reproduced with permission.

From: Chapter 2, Genome Anatomies

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