Figure 1. The Structure homepage.

Figure 1The Structure homepage

This page can be found by selecting the Structure link on the tool bar atop many NCBI Web pages. Two searches can be performed from this page, an Entrez Structure search or a Structure Summary search. Both query the MMDB database. The difference is that the Entrez Structure can take any text as a query (such as a PDB code, protein name, text word, author, or journal) and will result initially in a list of one or more document summaries, displayed within the Entrez environment (Chapter 15), whereas only a PDB code or MMDB ID number can be used for the Structure Summary search, resulting in direct display of the Structure Summary page for that record (Figure 2). Announcements about new features or updates can also be found on this page, as well as links to more specialized pages on the various Structure databases and tools.

From: Chapter 3, Macromolecular Structure Databases

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