Table 101Nursing home residents 65 years of age and over, by age, sex, and race: United States, selected years 1973–1999
[Data are based on a sample of nursing home residents]
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Residents Residents per 1,000 population
Age, sex, and race 1973–1974 1985 1995 1999 1973–1974 1985 1995 1999
65 years and over, age adjusted1. . .. . .. . .. . .58.554.045.943.3
65 years and over, crude961,5001,318,3001,422,6001,469,50044.746.242.442.9
65–74 years163,100212,100190,200194,80012.312.510.110.8
75–84 years384,900509,000511,900517,60057.757.745.943.0
85 years and over413,600597,300720,400757,100257.3220.3198.6182.5
65 years and over, age adjusted1. . .. . .. . .. . .42.538.832.830.6
65 years and over, crude265,700334,400356,800377,80030.
65–74 years65,10080,60079,30084,10011.310.89.510.3
75–84 years102,300141,300144,300149,50039.943.033.330.8
85 years and over98,300112,600133,100144,200182.7145.7130.8116.5
65 years and over, age adjusted1. . .. . .. . .. . .67.561.552.349.8
65 years and over, crude695,800983,9001,065,8001,091,70054.957.953.754.6
65–74 years98,000131,500110,900110,70013.113.810.611.2
75–84 years282,600367,700367,600368,10068.966.453.951.2
85 years and over315,300484,700587,300612,900294.9250.1224.9210.5
65 years and over, age adjusted1. . .. . .. . .. . .61.255.545.441.9
65 years and over, crude920,6001,227,4001,271,2001,279,60046.947.742.342.1
65–74 years150,100187,800154,400157,20012.512.39.310.0
75–84 years369,700473,600453,800440,60060.359.144.940.5
85 years and over400,800566,000663,000681,700270.8228.7200.7181.8
Black or African American2
65 years and over, age adjusted1. . .. . .. . .. . .28.241.550.455.6
65 years and over, crude37,70082,000122,900145,90022.
65–74 years12,20022,50029,70030,30011.115.418.418.2
75–84 years13,40030,60047,30058,70026.745.357.266.5
85 years and over12,10029,00045,80056,900105.7141.5167.1183.1

. . . Category not applicable.


Age adjusted to the year 2000 population standard using the following three age groups: 65–74 years, 75–84 years, and 85 years and over.


Starting with 1999 data, the instruction for the race item on the Current Resident Questionnaire was changed so that more than one race could be recorded. In previous years, only one racial category could be checked. Estimates for racial groups presented in this table are for residents for whom only one race was recorded. Estimates for residents where multiple races were checked are unreliable due to small sample sizes and are not shown.

NOTES: Residents are persons on the roster of the nursing home as of the night before the survey. Residents for whom beds are maintained even though they may be away on overnight leave or in a hospital are included. Excludes residents in personal care or domiciliary care homes. See Appendix II, Nursing home. Age refers to age at time of interview. Civilian population estimates used to compute rates for the 1990s are 1990-based postcensal estimates, as of July 1. Starting with 1997 data, population figures are adjusted for net underenumeration using the 1990 National Population Adjustment Matrix from the U.S. Census Bureau. Data for additional years are available. See Appendix III.

SOURCES: Hing E, Sekscenski E, Strahan G. The National Nursing Home Survey: 1985 summary for the United States. National Center for Health Statistics. Vital Health Stat 13(97). 1989; and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, National Center for Health Statistics, National Nursing Home Survey for other data years.

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