Table XICodes for procedure categories from the International Classification of Diseases, Ninth Revision, Clinical Modification

Procedure category Code numbers
Operations on vessels of heart36
 Removal of coronary artery obstruction and insertion of stent(s)36.0
  Insertion of coronary artery stent(s)136.06, 36.07
 Coronary artery bypass graft36.1
Cardiac catheterization37.21–37.23
Insertion, replacement, removal, and revision of pacemaker leads or device37.7–37.8
Diagnostic procedures on small intestine45.1
Diagnostic procedures on large intestine45.2
 Laparoscopic cholecystectomy51.23
Repair of hernia53
Lysis of peritoneal adhesions54.5
Transurethral prostatectomy60.2
Total abdominal hysterectomy68.4
Vaginal hysterectomy68.5, 68.7
Dilation and curettage of uterus69.0
Forceps, vacuum, and breech delivery72
Other procedures inducing or assisting delivery73
Cesarean section and removal of fetus74
Reduction of fracture and dislocation79
Excision or destruction of intervertebral disc and spinal fusion80.5, 81.3
 Excision or destruction of intervertebral disc80.5
Joint replacement of lower extremity81.5
 Total hip replacement81.51
 Partial hip replacement81.52
 Total knee replacement81.54
Diagnostic radiology87
 Computerized axial tomography87.03, 87.41, 87.71, 88.01, 88.38
Angiocardiography using contrast material88.5
Diagnostic ultrasound88.7
Magnetic resonance imaging88.91–88.97

The procedure code for insertion of coronary artery stents (36.06) first appears in the 1996 data. A second procedure code for the insertion of drug-eluting stents (36.07) first appears in the 2003 data.

From: Appendix II - Definitions and Methods

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